The inSpace project is a Georgia Tech-Steelcase collaboration exploring the development of next-generation meeting environments. Together, we are designing responsive spaces that feature physical architecture, ambient displays, and tangible interfaces suited to real-world meeting styles and practices, fostering more natural interactions among meeting participants and enhancing the visibility of the room's pervasive computing infrastructure.

I have served as student project manager since the project's inception, and have played a role in two specific sub-projects: I designed and implemented a tag-based data repository intended to serve as a common information exchange medium for the other meeting space applications. This repository is designed to provide both searching and event-based notification capabilities, and is also designed to provide rudimentary version control for shared artifacts and the ability to store streams of meeting-related media as they are captured in the meeting space. I have also been investigating tool support for transitioning between individual work and collaborative work, in the context of a meeting. My initial prototypes have been focused on representing meetings as milestones in the course of an individual activity, and using those milestones as user interface tokens for scheduling meetings, assembling shared materials in advance of the meeting, and, once the meeting has been adjourned, reviewing what happened during the meeting.



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