New Postdoc in Cornell's Department of Information Science

written by Steve on 01 June 2012

I'm pleased to announce that I've accepted an appointment as a postdoctoral associate in the Cornell University Department of Information Science, where I'll be working with Tanzeem Choudhury and Geri Gay on various projects in the domain of mobile health informatics. Although this will be a new research area for me, some of the initial research that we'll be doing will build off of the kind of stress detection that I used for the Multitasking & Email Study at UC Irvine.

I'll be moving to Ithaca to start the new position in August 2012. Since my appointment at UC Irvine will be closing out later in the year, please update any web bookmarks to point to this new, permanent site ( and note my updated email addresses: for research-oriented correspondence and for University-oriented correspondence. My various UCI login credentials will go away sometime in November or December.