Personal Informatics Workshop at CHI 2013

written by Steve on 12 March 2013

After (regrettably) having missed several personal informatics workshops held at CHI and CSCW, I'm pleased to have been invited to attend this year's workshop at CHI 2013 as a co-author of two accepted position papers. One of the main motivations for me to participate is to share some of my recent thinking about how physiological sensing (such as stress detection) might dovetail with other kinds of information management approaches as one way to combat information overload. I've also been working with other postdocs and students at Cornell to think about how critical design can be used to reveal the seams and assumptions inherent in personal health informatics systems.

I'm also excited that this year's workshop will be more than just participant presentations and brainstorming. Ian, Jon, and company have put together a fun mix of hands-on prototyping exercises for one of the two days. This seems like a great way to play with some new ideas and get to know the other participants in a way that you typically wouldn't in the course of a conference workshop!