INF 148 Group Poster Session

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What will we be looking for at the group poster session?

This is your opportunity to share your progress working with your mentor(s) on the group project and as a member of their research group. We expect that you will present a professional but informal overview of your work so far, including a sampling of the breadth and depth of the sketches/prototypes that you have begun to develop.

Your work should be displayed visually as a collection of sketches (preferably, organized as a sketch board):

While this presentation may be somewhat informal (and it is understood that this work will necessarily be at an early stage), you should carefully select sketches to present that reflect your best thinking so far and that effectively communicate the breadth and depth of your progress on the group project. Remember, you are expected to have worked approximately 15-20 hours per person on the project so far; the sketches that you present should be that much more refined and thought through than the rough exercises that you have been producing in an hour or two for the weekly assignments. UPDATE: I'd expect groups to present a minimum of 25 high-quality vanilla or hybrid sketches or a substantive combination of basic sketches (~20) and physical sketches/storyboards (~5), although this will necessarily depend on the details of your particular project. Be prepared to explain/defend the volume of work you've produced so far!

Group members will also be asked to provide an oral overview of the project, its goals, and any constraints imposed by the mentor or the research area. All group members should be able to explain the design choices that are represented in the sketches and to justify the choice of sketching technique(s) reflected in the work.

What criteria will we use to evaluate your progress?

We will be looking for a combination of the following:

  • Group member attendance and participation (both as presenters and poster viewers);
  • The quality, diversity, creativity, and communicative value of the sketches on the group's sketch board(s); and
  • The ability of the presenters to clearly articulate the goals and constraints of the project, the design choices represented in the group's sketches so far, and a justification for the sketching techniques used.

The form that will be used to evaluate the group presentations (including the point distribution across the criteria) is available here (Word .docx file).